Pembroke Pines Florida


Pembroke Pines Town Hall Meeting January 26, 2011

Mayor Frank Ortis and Pembroke Pines officials offered residents a presentation of what the city has been doing of late, projects in process, outlined fiscal challenges, and allowed attendees the opportunity to ask questions and express their views as to what they would like the city to look like five years from now.  The City of Pembroke Pines Town Hall Meeting started off highlighting how the current real estate downturn has adversely impacted fiscal resources as tax values have declined 11.4% or $6.3 million in property taxes.  Meanwhile, investment earnings have declined while expenses such as water/sewer costs have increased.  City employee concessions and an increase in the millage rate (1.9% or $0.56/$1000) have alleviated fiscal pressures somewhat.  Increased sewer processing charges are the result of charges from the city of Hollywood and debt service on the alternative water supply project as pressure from the EPA and South Florida Water Management Assocation increases the need to improve water and sewage systems. 

A 2005 $100 million bond referendum has provided funding for city parks, traffic improvements and community centers.  Currently $90 million has been assigned and $83 million spent.  Approximately 140 projects were approved (YMCA, Pembroke Shores gym, Child Watch Center, Art Colony, Shade structures, Pines & Hiatus, Academic Village, Flanagan High Practice field, etc), 82 have been completed and 21 have been eliminated. 

The City Center property (143 acres) on Pines Blvd between Hiatus and Palm Ave is for sale and zoned.  A 22-acre portion on the southeast corner was recently sold for $18.2 million to be used for residential housing. 

Mention was made of new companies/institutions in the area - Dicks' Sporting Goods, WalMart (east), Whole Foods, Keiser, Memorial West (additions), Baptist West and plans for a Pembroke Pines Shop Local website which would help promote city businesses. 

At the end of the presentation, attendees were asked what they liked about the city and what improvements they would like to see in the future.  Among the items mentioned were noise on Flamingo Road, nightlife, a trauma center, maintenance at the Senior Center, a more pedestrian-friendly city, education, less condo construction, activities for young adults, traffic cameras, landscaping, extend the corporate base, traffic, etc.  Items were put to a vote as a gauge of resident priority.  Hopefully an online survey could garner the consensus of a larger portion of city residents.

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